Nova Doherty: "Yeah, I've been okay, I got a job at Hogwarts, my mom got killed, I've been feeling sick for a month or so, but it's only because I am pregnant, and oh, it's yours."



Her famous hairstyle, the 'classy' pigtails.

General Info

Date of Birth:

december 25th

Blood Purity:



Head of Slytherin and Flying professor

Relationship status:

Engaged to Alaric Accola


Muggle Halloween years ago.

Born in Dublin, on Christmas morning some 19 years ago, Nova Shay Emanuelle Doherty is the youngest of six children, descendants of the famous Bulgarian noble family, the Bellhorans.

Their parents, Eleni Tamiia Bellhoran-Doherty and James Eddison Doherty, took special care in raising their only daughter, which resulted in her developing a certain attitude since early childhood. Her brothers, Jones, Rory, Seamus, Luce and Joshua all left home really early in life, seeking fortune and good reputation in the world, leaving Nova to take care of her father after her mother's murder.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Nova Doherty is a fictional character from Hogwarts Regenerated forum. She's the youngest Head of Slytherin to date and comes from a great line of purebloods.
  • She is portrayed by British actress Emily Browning.