Athena Capulet during her fifth year at Beauxbatons

Athena Capulet

Athena is the next youngest living Capulet heir. She recently started her education at Beauxbatons after being homeschooled for near four years. Being the almost youngest Capulet she had a hard time getting the attention at home that she needed. Her sister Rhea Capulet tended to get all that instead.

Friends and FoesEdit

Lance ArthurEdit

Her closest and longest known friend is Lance Arthur whom goes to Beauxbatons as well. Ever since they were five they had stuck together like jam and peanutbutter. Until Lance's father decided to move, and take Lance with him. For several years they were seperated. But now being back together, they are closer then ever.

Lena Vorstenbach Edit

Lena and Athena randomly met in a bakery in French. After sharing creeps together at the Capulet Resident they befriended each other and writes owls weekly to each other.